At first, the concept of Windsor Crossing Community Church ("The Crossing") began with just a handful of folks in a living room with a common vision; to create a church where people’s lives are radically changed through Jesus Christ in radical ways. A place where they could bravely ask even the most basic questions about God without feeling out of place. While the number of people has grown beyond the limits of a living room, the vision has never strayed—It’s only gotten more interesting. The Crossing has become more than just a “place”. It’s a community that’s fresh, real, raw, alive and committed to telling an ancient story to break through even the most hardened of hearts.

By using unconventional teaching methods and various art mediums and technology, The Crossing creates experiences rooted in scripture that are both culturally relevant and deeply personal. Focusing less on a “demographic” and more on a state of mind, the palette at The Crossing spans every age, religious background (or none at all) and ethnic group. We are constantly mining new ways that encourage people to explore, experience and express who God is and how His teaching can foster real change in people’s lives.

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